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COVID-19 Dual Antibody Test Kit


Our Dual Antibody Test Kit measures COVID-19 antibodies produced against S and N proteins of the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus. The test shows your response to COVID-19 infection and/or vaccination. This will help confirm if your antibody levels are from natural infection, due to vaccine immunity or both.

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COVID-19 Dual Antibody Test Kit

Our Dual Test:

Ireland’s only Extended Dual Antibody Test checks for both the S-Protein and N-Protein of Covid-19. This testing profile will tell you 2 things:

  1. What level of total COVID-19 antibodies are in your system (S-protein)
  2. If you have antibodies in your system from a Covid-19 infection (N-protein)

With this information, we can usually determine the following:

Your Expected StatusS-ProteinN-Protein

Vaccinated, not infected within last several months


Vaccinated, infected within last several months

Positive Positive

Not vaccinated, infected within last several months

Positive Positive

Not vaccinated, not infected within last several months

 Negative Negative

The above results are expected outcomes but as everyone is different, results can vary.

The S-Protein test is a quantitative test – This means there is a numerical value associated with the result. So if you got tested again in the future, you can monitor any changes in your antibody levels.

We can measure these levels from just a finger-prick blood test that you can take yourself in the comfort of your home or workplace.

What’s in the Box?

antibody test kit - in the box

How it Works:

antibody testing kit heart

Complete Test

Your kit will be posted ASAP and contains everything you need to do your test.
antibody testing kit results mailing

Send Your Sample

Post your sample on the day you do your test using the prepaid mailer.
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Review Results

Once your sample arrives at the lab, your results will be available online within 3 working days.

How-to Video:


Download PDF Instructions

When to Test?

Ideally, you’ll be looking to get tested from day 14 after the onset of symptoms or after your vaccine. This will give the laboratory the best chance of picking up both antibody types in your sample. Various clinical studies have been conducted with more ongoing as to how long antibody levels remain in your system, but the vast majority conducted so far indicate that strong levels should be detected for up to 6 months.

Transparent Cost:

56e dual antibody test kit

Laboratory Test

16e dual antibody test kit

Operational Fees

17e dual antibody test kit

Post & Packaging

Your Results:

We’ll get your results emailed to you as soon as we receive and verify them. We usually get the report within 24-48 hours of them arriving in the lab but we like to play it safe and give everyone a couple of days’ breathing room for any potential unforeseen delays that can occur. We lay everything out as clearly as possible on the report, but if you’re unsure of what it means – call us and we can talk you through it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

A pain in the ar**! But seriously, COVID-19 is a disease that originates from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is a nasty acute respiratory syndrome that affects your lungs – hence breathing issues.

First off, what are antibodies?! Antibodies are produced by the human body in response to an infection as part of your normal immune response. In the case of Covid-19, the higher your antibody levels, the more resistance your body has in defending itself against Covid-19. Our Covid-19 antibody test helps to determine the level of antibodies you have circulating in your system and help determine your overall immunity to Covid 19.

Ok – brace yourself for some sciencey jargon. The S (Spike) protein and the N (Nucleocapsid) protein both form part of the Covid-19 Virus. These proteins produce a large immune response in our own body’s immune system. As both the S and N proteins are abundant and largely responsible for prompting our immune systems’ defences, then detecting the presence of antibodies specific for both the N & S proteins is an excellent way of determining whether a person has been infected by that virus.

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